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December 25, 2006
Another Christmas has come and gone, Happy Holidays to all !!
Christmas Eve was the first night in a long time that Collin was anxious to go to bed so the morning would hurry up and come. Dressed in their new Christmas Eve pajamas, Ellen and Collin set out cookies and milk for Santa, then snuggled all warm and cozy in their beds and went fast asleep encouraging the morning to quickly come. Collin was the first to wake bright and early before 7 AM, then came running to our room to get us out of bed. The rule is not before 8 AM, so he kept bugging us every 15 minutes or so until it was time(We should have just got out of bed at 7 AM). To our surprise, Santa had brought exactly what the kids had asked for, a Nintendo DS Lite in pink for Ellen, a Game Boy Advanced in blue for Collin, and even a Flat Panel TV for the Master Bathroom !!
Collin in his Sphere and GBA        Lisa and all her presents             Ellen with "bow head"

Later that Christmas Day, the family met over at Danny's house to exchange presents for the kids and to eat our traditional lasagna(Let's at Dad's and lasagna at Danny's....Are we Irish or Italian ???). Present were Mom and Tony, Danny, Tammi and John, Toby was down from Washington, Tyler and Taylor, Mike, Lisa, Ellen, and Collin.
    Toby and his scarf   Mom and Danny in Notre Dame glory    Collin and Hot Wheels Sizzlers

December 23, 2006
We went up to Dad and Lynda's for our annual Christmas visit and came across no traffic at all and arrived early!!  We all decided the easy route to have pizza delivered, but were a little challenged with Pizza Hut's incompetent customer service failing to deliver, then being very rude on the phone when they were called about it. Lisa and Lynda scrambled through the phone book to find another pizza joint that delivers to the "Hills of Hollywood" and came across a small operation run by two brothers that delivered quickly. It was one of the best pizzas we ever tasted and rumor has it that Lynda gave them a very generous tip that made their trip worthwhile.......   Dad was thrilled with our visit and sucked in the youthful exhuberance of the kids who had a great time as usuall !! There were plenty of presents for the kids, Ellen loved her Jewerly Box and Collin is still wearing his Dinosaur Miner's Light on his head !!
Collin with Dinosaur Lite                      Dad kickin' back                        Ellen and Jewelry Box

Could they be somehow related or is this just a weird genetics experiment ?!??!!

Here's the real folks below........

September 24,2006

(l-r) Lisa's Boat, Collin's Boat, and Ellen's Catamaran
On Saturday, Sept 23rd, Collin's Cub Scout Pack 660 had their 1st Annual Raingutter Regatta. This is similar to the Cub Scout's Pinewood Derby where they make small wooden cars from a kit to race down a ramp, except for the Raingutter Regatta, they make small sail boats also from a kit that they power by blowing through a straw to race down a 10 ft section of raingutter filled with water. This was the first time the Pack has done a Regatta, so they didn't do 1st Place, 2nd Place, or 3rd Places, but instead had the different Scouting Ranks compete amongst themselves just for the fun and experience with special awards for creativity, humor, design, etc. Ranks included were Tigers, Wolfs (Collin's rank), Bears, Webelos I, and Webelos II. They also included a "Siblings" group so all the brothers and sisters could participate and join the fun !!  As it turns out and since Ellen had another boat, Lisa at the last minute was able to participate in the Siblings group(see the last picture in the Photo Gallery to see her competition). Collin's Pirate boat was fast and at times sailed itself, Lisa's boat had "I Love Girl Scouts" on the sail, and Ellen's Catamaran was by far the fastest of all the boats at the Regatta. However, everyone there learned a few building tips and sailing techniques, so we expect next year will be competitive !!
See our Photo Gallery for pictures of the event !!

September 18, 2006
Collin has arrived !!  He gave us a Puppet Show at the spur of the moment, check out Collin's Page !!
Just waiting for Lisa to join the group....

September 9, 2006
Well, Ellen's 11th Birthday "Season" is over !!
Ellen had a Birthday Party today at the Fountain Valley Skating Center where her and 10 of her friends had a blast tearing up the rink on their roller blades and roller skates. They enjoyed a Hot Dog lunch with pink lemonade, chips, and brownies, then were right back out on the rink like they had never stopped. Mom and Popa Tony were able to make it, and along with us other adults, were amazed at the energy of "youth" !!  Ellen has written a Thank You and has included some pictures on her page.
Click on the balloons from her party      to go directly to Ellen's Page.

September 5, 2006

It's the First Day of School today, and these two were looking forward to it !!  This year Ellen is a 6th grader and Collin is starting 2nd grade. This is also the first day back to work for Lisa, starting her third year as an Instructional Aid in the Resource Specialist Program(RSP) at another Elementary School. She'll also be serving as the PTA Treasurer for the Kid's school, so she'll be back to having pretty full and busy days again. Lisa and the Kids certainly enjoyed their Summer Vacation, but it's back to the same old routines which includes getting up early and homework-homework-homework !!

.September 4, 2006
Today is Labor Day and Ellen's 11th Birthday. When she was born, it was one of those rare things that her mother was in labor on Labor Day !!  Ellen celebrated her birthday running wild at Disneyland, ending the day with a special dinner at Ariel's Grotto in California Adventure with all the Disney Princesses. Check out the pictures in our Photo Gallery. 

September 3, 2006
The OHARE-FAMILY.COM website is almost ready to be published. Lisa finally agreed to a picture for the Header on each page and the initial entries on the Home Page are done. Mike has formatted his page and included a section for his NFL Football Weekly Results he does with Trent and Mark, with a link at the bottom that goes directly to the "NFL Scores" page at Lisa, Ellen, and Collin still need to do their pages, but I'm sure that will be done soon. We included a Photo Gallery, but there are no pictures up yet because all our archived digital photos are huge file sizes and they really suck up all the available storage space. As soon as we have smaller file size photos available, we will be posting them.