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Collin's Cub Scout Pack 660 Raingutter Regatta
Saturday September 23, 2006
Collin's Cub Scout Pack had a Raingutter Regatta and they were doing "Siblings" races for brothers and sisters that weren't in Cub Scouts. My Dad helped me make a Cub Cat. He marked the lines on the basic Boat Kit and started the cuts, then I had to saw them all the way through. I sanded all the parts and decorated it, then my Dad did the gluing and sealed it with clear spray paint. Since Girls Rule!!, I asked my Mom to put that on the sail. It was the fastest boat at the races. I raced my Mom and beat her easily !!
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Thank you everyone for coming to my Birthday Party at Fountain Valley Skating Center !!  I had fun skating with Haley, Tori, Jennifer, Courtney, Kara, Devin, Aly, Kimmy, and the boys - Nick and Nathan. I also want to thank the adults that came to watch us have fun - Mom and Dad, Nana and Papa Tony, Tammy, Rhonda, and Craig. My brother Collin wasn't able to skate with us because he was on a Cub Scout trip with his friend Garret, but Garret's mom, Delynne, brought them to the Skating Center before we had to leave and they had fun playing arcade games.