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Cub Scout Den Meeting at Home Depot
January 6, 2007

My Cub Scout Den had a meeting at Home Depot and it was great !!

Cub Scout Pack 660 Den 5 Wolves at Home Depot

We learned about all kinds of tools like saws and hammers !!

Mr. Jost showed us a saw with small teeth          Can't build a house with this small hammer!!

After we learned about tools, we went outside and built Plastic Bag Holders out of wood and nails. We all got Home Depot aprons and our parents helped us a little bit.

        Here's me and my Plastic Bag Holder              My friend Garret and his Plastic Bag Holder

Pack 660 Raingutter Regatta
Saturday September 23, 2006
My Dad and I worked on my Raingutter Regatta Boat. I sanded and decorated it and my Dad sealed it with clear spray paint so it wouldn't sink. I wanted it to be Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl from the Pirates of the Carribean movie, so my Mom helped me with the Pirate on the sail. My Boat was fast. It was a little windy outside, so in the first race, I blew through the straw once and the wind took it all the way to the finish. I couldn't keep up with it !! Check out some of the other pictures on the Photo Gallery page.

Collin's Puppet Show
Collin had bought a Marionette Puppet at his Cub Scout outing to Olvera St. in Downtown Los Angeles, so he decided to give us a Puppet Show.  Kinda cool, he decorated the box and set everything up himself. He used his Cub Scout knots to tie the flashlight onto the chair aimed at his stage using his sister's bathrob tie !!